Who we are 

RAINBOW-NAC was founded in 1999 as a lobby for homo-, bi- and transsexual, as well as intersexual christians within the New Apostolic Church. Nowadays, the initiative is active worldwide and represented in Europe, North and South America as well as in South Africa. Furthermore, christians of other confessions, supporters and friends make up our circle of members. Since 2018 Rainbow-NAC is a registered and as charitable recognized association in Germany. Like the lobbies in all other countries, the association is open to everyone who is interested, who identifies with the goals and objectives of Rainbow-NAC, and who wants to support these.

Community, Solidarity, Co-determination

Worldwide,RAINBOW-NAC has several hundred active members and supporters. In Germany REGENBOGEN-NAK e.V. is officially represented by its management committee. For every topic - gay, lesbian, bi, intersexual, trans* - contact persons are available. Since 2012 a parent initiative within RAINBOW-NAC offers information and advice to parents. The regularly happening regional and supraregional meetings offer a platform to get to know each other and serve as an exchange of thoughts. At the assembly of members projects are planned, questions are hand discussed, the outcomes of liaisons with the Church leadership are being presented, and decisions are made.


Objectives and Purpose


RAINBOW-NAC views its objectives and activities as an engagement in society as a whole and at the same time admit to Christian values and their elaboration within the New Apostolic faith. As a lobby and association Rainbow-NAC aims to actively engage with and support the congregation, and campaign for:

  • Homo-, bi, intersexual and trans* members of the New Apostolic Church to live their faith without discrimination and equality as a standard.
  • That love between two humans of the same sex has the same significance as that between two heterosexual partners, and that the same God given virtue is the basis.
  • Same-sex marriages and partnerships have access to Trinitarian blessings.
  • Homo-, bi, intersexual and trans* members of the Church as well as their relatives have access to competent and individual pastoral care, that is based on the foundations of the reports about Jesus’ behaviour and his all encompassing love.
  • Homosexual church members and those with a transsexual history can too serve as ordained ministers in the New Apostolic Church.
  • The New Apostolic Church to take clear stance on the subjects of homo-, bi-, intersexuality and trans*, compiled with the involvement of Rainbow-NAC on the foundations of the Bible and in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ.